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Cast rolling plate shape bad causes and preventive measures

Release time:2014-11-06

  Cast rolling plate shape bad causes and preventive measures

  Cast rolling plate cross section except edge thinning areas, the middle part is also obviouslydoes not have the characteristics of two conics, traditionally known as bad shape.

  Cause: the roll material of uneven, resulting in hardness and heat exchange caused by uneven,shape mutation; roller core sink plug, serious scaling, resulting in uneven heating roller sleeve,cause local cast rolling plate thickness mutation; such as graphite spraying, thermal sprayingcoating is not uniform, resulting in a roll sleeve heat exchange not all, cause of cast rolling platethickness mutation; nozzle gasket unreasonable distribution of rib gasket is too long or too short,causing the rib thickness change etc

  Preventive measures: using water circulation structure reasonable, ensure the continuity of flow;on the blocking, fouling and timely cleaning; anti adhesion system spraying should be uniform;when the roll sleeve material caused by uneven thickness mutation, will have to re roll change;reasonable processing and distribution of mouth cavity shunt block; ensure the flow supplysystem {e.g. chute, etc.) for flow mouth drying, preheating and heat preservation measures.